Case Study

Background Checks Division (BCD) – Case Study Background Verification

BCD, a leading Background Check Division, faced challenges in managing its background verification processes efficiently.

SciAstra’s SEO Success Website Optimization

SciAstra is ED-Tech Platform ,they initially faced challenges in ranking its website and were lacking to gain visibility and traffic.

Daily life forever52 Case Study

As Daily Life Forever52 experienced a surge in its customer base and market reach, managing and fulfilling bulk orders became a challenge. To address this, the brand collaborated with TechSaga, known for its advanced tech solutions.

Gymwise Gymwise

This case study focuses on, a comprehensive platform connecting gym owners, customers, and admins

proexceedu Online Education, an online tutoring platform, partnered with Techsaga to overcome the challenges of limited communication and engagement in online learning.

zuhd store Fabrics

ZUHD Store, a prominent retail islamic apparel brand, sought to optimise its operations and enhance customer experience.

India today Bestcolleges

In an increasingly competitive educational environment, the need for reliable, comprehensive, and real-time data on college rankings and job opportunities is paramount.

Web Stories

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