Why Software Design Is Important For Your Business?

What is Software Design?

Software design is the process of producing a blueprint, or layout, for organizing the code of a software program.

Two primary stages of design of software:

1. Conceptual Design

i). Wireframes ii). Mockups with a flow chart iii). Diagrams of component parts iv). Cards for Class-Responsibility-Collaboration (CRC)

2. Technical Design

i). Diagrams of Classes ii). Activity flowchart iii). Diagram of the  sequence of events iv). Diagram of States

Objectives of Software Design:

1. Correctness 2. Efficiency 3. Understandability 4. Completeness 5. Maintainability

Principles of Good Software Design

1. Modularity 2. Coupling 3. Abstraction 4. Anticipation of Change 5. Simplicity 6. Sufficiency and Completeness

Helpful Tools for Software Design

1. Draw.io 2. Jira 3. Mockflow 4. Figma 5. Marvel 6. Zeplin

Software design, the pivotal initial phase, prioritizes user needs, ensuring customer attraction and loyalty with user-friendly techniques.

In Nutshell

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